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Crescent Moon Earrings Sterling Silver
model wearing Cresent Moon earrings sterling silver
Model wearing I wish ring and crescent moon earrings
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Shine with the magnificence and mystery of the moon. Elegant in its simplicity and empowering in its symbolism. Each pair of original sixD designed Crescent Moon Earrings is handcrafted from high quality Sterling Silver.

- Handcrafted from high quality Sterling Silver.
- Sterling Silver butterflies included.
- Natural calico jewellery pouch and cleaning cloth.
- Environmentally responsible sixD gift box.
Moon Phases; Waxing Crescent: symbolizes growth and creativity. Waning Crescent: symbolizes the expulsion of negative energy in your life, getting rid of things you know you don’t need, or those things/people/habits, etc which are harming you.