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Hopi Sun and Ring of Fire rhodium
Model wearing Allegorical pendants
Model wearing Alpha and Triangle Elements pendant
happiness . proserity . passion . creativity

Chain Length Guide

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Unlock your spirit with the power of Symbology. Every design in our Allegorical symbology collection has a meaning rooted in ancient culture and symbology. Combine the symbols to tell your own story. You can choose from any of our suggested combinations or make your own combination.

- Handcrafted from solid White Bronze with a highly polished Rhodium bond.
- comes with 75cm chain.
- Natural calico jewellery pouch and cleaning cloth
- Environmentally responsible sixD gift box.
Four elementals in Native American symbology, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Fire represents our passions, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation.
The Hopi people had a deep connection to earth and nature. The Sun was the heart of their cosmos, giving their world happiness and proserity symbolising creative natural energy, invoking the traits of vitality, growth, passion and prosperity to their world.
All pieces are individually handmade, unique and bears original character.
All stones and crystals are unique, and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the images shown.