Design Inspirations | Healing Plants and Flowers | The Dandelion

Design Inspirations | Healing Plants and Flowers | The Dandelion

Dandelion at sunset


The Dandelion flower, a little design inspiration gem, hiding in plain sight. I was instantly taken in by kaleidoscopic elegance, the mesmerising organic beauty of a simple form, dancing in repetition. Reading about this incredible plant and looking further into its origins, I discovered that it has been used for centuries, in Egyptian, Chinese and Indian cultures and is treasured for its healing and medicinal properties. This is what inspired me to create the collection around this magnificent flower.

Dandelion sketches for blog


Here are some of my earlier sketches, where I tried to resolve the shapes and form into its fundamentals. I wanted to remain true to its natural structure,  simplify the form, while still retaining the character of the flower. I had so many ideas, and created numerous models until deciding on the final master.

Model with Dandelion wax and sketch 


These final creations were unveiled months later from the original artwork and sketches. Our Dandelion design came to life and took form as gorgeous pieces of jewellery.  sixD jewellery is steeped in meaning and each design is carefully and meticulously made by hand. Our Dandelion is now a sixD staple design, they are our gorgeous little symbols of clarity, wisdom and new beginnings.

Model with finished Dandelion designs

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