Our Promise to You and The Planet 🌏🤝

In every step we take, we strive to validate our sustainability credentials, blending beauty with responsibility in a harmony that resonates with our ethos.

Recycled Radiance: Metals with a Past and a Purpose 🔄🔗

Recycled metals are the unsung heroes of sustainability, offering an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality. Where possible, we use recycled gold and silver. We save all off cuts and scraps generated during the making process, not letting anything go to waste. These pieces are melted down and reused in casting, creating a circular production process that echoes the principles of recycling. Every item in our collection is hand-crafted in small batches, ensuring uniqueness while maintaining high-quality standards. But our commitment to the environment goes one step further. By choosing our products, you're not just buying an object; you're endorsing a purpose, contributing to the past and future of sustainable practices. And for maximum skin friendliness we make sure that there is NO nickel, cadmium, and lead in any of the metals we use.

Gemstones with a Green Heart: Ethically Sourced & Reimagined Gems 💚💎

We make sure that our natural Gemstones are ethically sourced from responsible mines or repurposed and upcycled to give them new life. Wherever possible, we source them locally to minimise the environmental effects of transport and handling. We sort through our gems by hand to match them for size, colour and lustre, when we make our earrings and necklaces, each gem is selected with love and respect. And for that extra sprinkle of sustainability, some of our newer pieces that incorporate man-made gemstones, which are not only gorgeous but greatly reduce environmental impact.

Wrap It Up with Love: Eco-Friendly Packaging 🎁♻️

From our heart to your hands. We believe the magic isn’t just in the jewelry but also in how it reaches you. Our packaging is made from recycled paper ensuring that our environmental footprint is as dainty as the jewelry inside. After all, good things do come in green packages!