sixD Australian handcrafted jewellery

Designed for beauty, made to last. πŸ’›

14K Gold-filled & sterling silver

Ethically made in our Sydney studio


Model hand in field


sixD is the work of Australian designer Daisy Daet. An avid lover and collector of precious gemstones and antiques, Daisy creates her designs with the knowledge that every piece has a story. The intention at sixD is to craft jewellery alive with purpose; inspired by ancient wisdom with a modern perspective.
Symbolism is at the core of sixD's ethos. The label name is born from Daisy's deep connection to the number 6, her birth day and good luck symbol. sixD's priority in design is to create a vessel and guide for the wearer in the jewellery. To welcome positivity and help unlock the best potential out of everyone's lives.

β€œI believe in using beautiful, high quality materials to enliven my design.
Every piece is individually infused with positive intention and handmade love.”
-Daisy Daet


Each piece is meticulously crafted and vetted by Daisy, artisan and craftswoman. Her background as a trained jeweller and fashion stylist has given her a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the current market: a label that champions the slow fashion movement, putting accessibility and quality over profit.
Working with the best grade materials, sixD uses a wide range of alloys and natural gemstones catered to the specific design and need of the piece and its wearer. Attuned to every person's needs, those with sensitive skin and allergies can confidently adorn themselves in these premium quality alloys.


sixD designs embody a journey, not a destination.

Life is best shared with others.

Journey with us.