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sixD is the work of Australian designer Daisy Daet.
Her background as a trained jeweller and fashion stylist has given her an encompassing overall understanding of exquisite craftsmanship and refined jewellery design.
An avid lover and collector of vintage adornments, she realised that all her favourite pieces have something in common, they all have a story to tell. She created sixD with the intention of making jewellery that is alive with purpose, inspired by ancient wisdom, with a perspective towards modern design. That omnipresent design ethos flows through everything...from the label name sixD (her personal numerology) and into every design that she creates.

“I believe in using beautiful, high quality materials to enliven my design.
Every piece is individually infused with positive intention and handmade love.”
-Daisy Daet

Creating a deep connection between the wearer and the piece is intrinsic to Daisy’s craft, as is the fusion of beauty, meaning and purposeful design.


sixD is a bespoke jewellery brand, designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia.
Through the collections you are taken on a journey through realms of symbology, represented by the different seasons of jewellery.
This journey is full of self discovery and empowerment.
sixD empowers you through our quality handmade pieces, each one authentically crafted by hand, filled with spiritual energy and creative flow.

These adornments are inspired by a curiosity to delve further with the world of symbology and the power that can be harnessed from within.


Quality and authenticity are at the heart and soul of what we do.

Journey with us as we craft together powerful jewellery collections that connect to a story, in a fusion of energy and symbology.

sixD handmade jewellery makes your everyday extraordinary!