Tarot Cards: What’s it all about? | Intro to our Tarot Card Jewellery | Tarot card meanings

Are you open to the signals of the universe? Have you ever wondered what has led you down a certain path or drawn you to a specific situation? The Tarot Collection is borne from this inspiration.
Tarot is steeped in a long spiritual history, practiced in many cultures across the globe. Starting from the 15th century in Europe, the most commonly used decks today use 22 main cards (not including the suit) called the Major Arcana.
Tarot is a conversation facilitated by the mystical and higher powers, between the reader and the person whose cards are being read. Tarot holds a mirror to oneself and what is already within. It can guide daily decision making or help elucidate the path forward in times of great transition.
Our collection is a celebration of your truest self and the magic that guides us in day-to-day life. Embrace the signals of the universe and find which cards you are drawn to.