Star Sign Meanings Guide | The Celestial Elements

Star Sign Meanings Guide | The Celestial Elements

Do you ever feel that special connection to the universe? You know that feeling, the one where all the hairs stand at the back of your neck and you feel so moved by the beauty of the world and gratitude that you get to be a part of it? These moments of calm feel increasingly rare in a world we live in today.

That’s why when we do feel that connection it makes it so incredibly special. Here at sixD the zodiacs aren’t just a time you were born in the month or another accessory. They are tangible proof of your connection to the universe. You are love and light. We meticulously handcraft and design each of our pieces in the collection for You. Infused with meaning and intention.

Our Star Sign Meanings Guide is made with the intention to help you step into your highest vibrational powers. Celebrating your strengths and limitations alike. Tap into the magic of the universe with this guide.

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Aquarius banner


The mad scientist and humanitarian of the horoscope wheel, futuristic Aquarius energy helps us innovate and unite for social justice. Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius is a fountain of knowledge. A philanthropist, pioneer, and visionary, Aquarius seeks new ways to bring about a positive change in the world, always following their heart.

Element: Air

Colour: Light Blue/Silver

Birthstone: Garnet or Amethyst

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Traits: Humanaitarian . Innovative . Uniting

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Pisces banner

PISCES | FEB 19 to MAR 20

The dreamer and healer of the horoscope family. Pisces energy awakens compassion, imagination and artistry, uniting us as one. Inventive, empathetic, and compassionate, the fish makes friendships that last a lifetime.

Element: Water

Colour: Lilac, Purple or Sea Green.

Birthstone: Amethyst or Aquamarine

Symbol: The Fish

Traits: Compassion . Imagination . Artistry

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Aries banner

ARIES | MAR 21 to APR 19

The pioneer and trailblazer of the horoscope wheel. Aries energy helps us initiate, fight for our beliefs and fearlessly put ourselves out there. The first sign of the zodiac, coinciding with the spring equinox, the symbolic rebirth of the year, Aries is a natural leader, passionate, forthright, and brave. Aries is not afraid to stand up for what is right. The ultimate fire sign, the ram has a great exuberance for life, enjoying everything the world has to offer.

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

Birthstone: Aquamarine or Clear Quartz

Symbol: The Ram

Traits: Adventurous . Dynamic . Courageous

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Taurus banner

TAURUS | APR 20 to MAY 20

Taurus is confident, strong, and self-reliant. An earth sign who appreciates beauty and comfort, the bull's warm hearted compassion yields success in both life and love. Taurus energy helps us be spontaneous, have courage, enjoy life’s pleasures and still get the job done.

Element: Earth

Colour: Green

Birthstone: Clear Quartz or Emerald

Symbol: The Bull

Traits: Relentless . Determined . Strong

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Gemini banner

GEMINI | MAY 21 to Jun 20

The most versatile and vibrant horoscope sign. Gemini energy helps us communicate, collaborate and achieve anything we put our minds to. Gemini possesses an innate duality that is both mysterious and subtly brilliant. Endlessly curious, this air sign is an excellent communicator who always strives to develop a higher state of mind. Full of thoughts and ideas, Gemini loves change and adventure.

Element: Air

Colour: Yellow

Birthstone: Emerald or Pearl

Symbol: The Twins

Traits: Versatile . Inquisitive .Communicative

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Cancer banner

CANCER | JUN 21 to JUL 22

The natural nurturer of the horoscope wheel. Cancer energy helps us connect with our feelings, plant deep roots and feather our family nests. Possessing a keen mind, Cancer places great importance on trust, seeking to create profound connections that will last a lifetime.

Element: Water

Colour: White

Birthstone: Pearl or Ruby

Symbol: The Crab

Traits: Loyal . Deep . Dependable

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Leo banner

LEO | JUL 23 to AUG 22

The drama queen and regal ruler of the horoscope clan. Leo energy helps us shine, express ourselves boldly and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Leo is a fire sign full of energy, passion, and power. Confident, idealistic, and a natural leader, the lion lives life with positivity and courage. A brave protector of those in need, Leo seeks to give and receive love. Caring and capable, the lion finds contentment by enjoying life's pleasures to the fullest.

Element: Fire

Colour: Gold

Birthstone: Ruby or Peridot>

Symbol: The Lion

Traits: Protective . Powerful . Passionate

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Virgo banner

VIRGO | AUG 23 to Sep 22

The masterful helper of the horoscope wheel. A lover of knowledge, Virgo is a highly energetic person with a sharp, exacting mind. An excellent communicator who believes in doing things right the first time, this earth sign seeks to create order from chaos. Defined by a deep-seated devotion, Virgo channels creative energy into work, personal passions, and relationships with both family and friends.

Element: Earth

Colour: Green and Brown

Birthstone: Peridot or Sapphire

Symbol: The Virgin

Traits: Refined . Meticulous . Diligent

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Libra banner

LIBRA | SEP 23 to OCT 22

The balanced beautifier of the horoscope family. Libra energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony, cooperation and to do it with style and grace. A helpful, persuasive force, this air sign places great value in personal relationships, excelling at helping others find harmony and balance within their own lives to achieve enlightenment and fulfilment.

Element: Air

Colour: Pink and Blue

Birthstone: Sapphire or Pink Opal

Symbol: The Scales

Traits: Balanced . Persuasive . Decisive

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Scorpio banner

SCORPIO | OCT 23 to NOV 21

The most intense and focused of the horoscope signs. Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers and form bonds that are built to last. Resourceful Scorpio is a water sign who keeps much hidden beneath the surface. Possessing an immeasurable curiosity, the scorpion is highly intuitive, fearlessly pursuing the answers to life's essential questions. Scorpio seeks intense, profound connections with others that match their incredible passion and power.

Element: Water

Colour: Black

Birthstone: Pink Opal or Citrine

Symbol: The Scorpion

Traits: Passionate . Intuitive . Energetic

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Sagittarius banner


The spirited adventurer of the horoscope wheel. Sagittarius energy inspires us to dream big, chase the impossible and take fearless risks. A fire sign who lives life to the fullest, untameable Sagittarius loves travel. The archer has an adventurous spirit and is inspired by everything the world has to offer

Element: Fire

Colour: Purple

Birthstone: Citrine or Turquoise

Symbol: The Archer

Traits: Adventurous . Optimistic . Untameable

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Capricorn banner


The measured master planner of the horoscope family. Capricorn energy teaches us the power of dreams, structure and long-term goals. A natural strategist and loyal friend, Capricorn is resilient and dependable in a crisis. Possessing great discipline, Capricorn is a hardworking, practical perfectionist whose ambition and sense of honour leads to success. An earth sign who values personal freedom, Capricorn seeks to understand life's true meaning.

Element: Earth

Colour: Brown and Grey

Birthstone: Turquoise or Garnet

Symbol: The Goat

Traits: Ambitious . Patient . Humorous

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