Q: Can you shower with the necklaces?
A: We don’t recommend that you shower with them because of risk of loss or physical damage. But if you do, just pat them dry to avoid prolonged contact with moisture.

Q: Swim with it?
A: We don't recommend you swim wearing the jewellery as Prolonged exposure to salt water can cause damage to all metal finishes and chlorine in swimming pools is a corrosive agent for metals. If however, you wear them in these conditions, rinse them thoroughly with warm soapy water and pat dry.

Q: What is your ‘Black’ finish?
A: Our ‘Black’ finish is a special coating we have developed. It forms a molecular bond to the underlying metal. Under normal wear conditions it is very strong and color fast.

Q: How do look after a ‘Black’ piece?
A: It is very hard wearing and no special treatment is required but, like all jewellery, exposure to salt / seawater is not recommended. If it does occur simply rinse in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry, paying special attention to the chain.

Q: How do i look after my 'Black’ chain?
A: To create our black pieces, we oxidize the silver/bronze/brass until it turns black. Oxidation is a process that happens naturally, we just speed up the process.
The black oxidation, is designed to fade over time to make your piece unique to you and your experiences. As you wear it, the black will fade to the natural color of the underlying metal. The finish can always be re finished, and we do offer this service. If you would ever like it re finished, just contact us.
Depending on how often you wear your piece, the black can wear off at different speeds. To keep your piece looking black longer we recommend you keep it dry and away from perfumes,lotions and abrasives

Q: Can i stop by and pick up my jewellery?
A: Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accommodate customer pickups. If you would like your order hand delivered, we can arrange a courier service for an additional fee. Please email for details.