Symbols In Jewellery And Sacred Geometry: What’s The Connection? | A Guide To Our Oracles And Elements Jewellery

Seeking guidance and ascribing meaning to life’s seemingly inexplicable nature, is a core part of the human condition. The conception of sixD was born from this yearning.
Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong intuition that in times of emotional upheaval and transformation, I am either being prepared for something better or protected from something worse. I am drawn to positive and affirming signs from the universe. I have always feltI it would help me bring positive changes in my life- the Oracles and Elements collection is a physical manifestation of this. I strive for these pieces to serve as a grounding force akin to a guardian angel, not just for me but all those who resonate with this message.
In other words: I’m always where I need to be. My goal has been for each of our pieces to embody this. True beauty radiates from within.
Our jewellery serves as a grounding tool. Something that has only become more crucial to our day-to-day lives. It can feel near impossible to decide which paths in life to take. Trusting in one’s intuition is not easy. Divine favour and positivity can start with a physical manifestation in the form of gemstones and symbols, to light one’s path.
The sixD pieces serve as a love letter of positivity and light to all those who resonate. These symbols and guides have opened up possibilities that I could have never anticipated through becoming more receptive to positive energies. This love, light and abundance is what I want to share with you all. I hope that the oracles and elements serve you as immeasurably as they have for me.

clarity . wisdom . new beginnings

The Dandelion - Conceived in 2012, the Dandelion is the signature design of SixD distilled to its purest form of geometric simplicity. Renowned for its strength and resilience, the flower champions the ability to rise above life’s challenges. It is the embodiment of clarity, wisdom and new beginnings.

change . renewal

Step through to a new realm with our Deltaglyph design. Drawn from Ancient Greek mythology; this is a symbol of emotional, physical and spiritual opportunity.

illumination . beauty .resilience

The Lotus - The Lotus’ beauty lies not only in its exterior. It’s pristine and enchanting quality despite its growing conditions, serves as a metaphor for the progression of the soul. A true symbol for illumination, beauty and resilience.

passion . creativity

The Ring of Fire is one of the Four elementals in Native American tradition. Fire is at the very core of our passions, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation.

unbreakable . indestructible

Unification of the physical and spiritual, our Diamond design is inspired by Native American traditions. Unbreakable and indestructible it is a symbol for the Earth and our connection to a Heavenly realm.

good health . long life

Welcome strength and ward off negative energy with the Sea Turtle. Known for their endurance and calming character, these creatures are revered in many Indigenous cultures. A symbol of Mother Earth, feel vitality and good fortune wash over you with this gorgeous design.

strength . wisdom .tenacity

The Elephant, with its majestic aura brings serendipity, strength and wisdom into ones world. These beings are highly intelligent and connected to their surroundings.

growth . abundance

Earth is one of the Four elementals in Native American tradition. Earth is symbolic of growth and abundance

change . transformation

Air is one of the Four elementals in Native American tradition. Air is symbolic of Change and Transformation.

renewal . healing

Water is one of the Four elementals in Native American tradition. Water is symbolic of renewal and healing.