Gemstone and Crystal meanings guide for jewellery lovers

Gemstone and Crystal meanings guide for jewellery lovers

Is there ever a feeling or a quality you would like to harness? An energy, a disposition you want to radiate and share with the world? Or even a personal manifestation you’re seeking universal guidance in. Don’t worry, gemstones have got you covered. 

There is a gemstone for every purpose and occasion. Produced by the Earth, their importance is in their vibrational purity. As complex, multi-vibrational entities, crystals are used to balance and enrich one’s state. In other words, gemstones are used to achieve one’s highest emotional, physical and spiritual state. Their purpose is to nourish and their abilities cannot be understated.  

In a world that oftentimes rewards that emphasises a distinction between the rational and the emotional, it can be difficult to lean into one’s intuition to help guide you in your choice of gem. Below, we have carefully curated a list of gemstones along with their abilities and meanings. If you are at a loss for what to choose, go with your initial instinct. Intuition will always guide you in the right direction and this is especially true of selecting a gemstone.

amazonite banner

Courage . Expression

The Amazonite is for the times you need a bit of reminding you’re the hero of your own story. Feel courage and wisdom radiating from the inside out when you wear this stone.

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Amethyst banner

Relax . Reconnect

Feel restored and utterly relaxed with the Amethyst. A powerful healer, worries wash away when wearing this stone, giving strength and clarity of mind to face life’s challenges.

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aquamarine banner

Fearlessness . Happiness

Embody the fearless child within wearing Aquamarine. Evoking the relaxing energies of crystalline waters in the sea, this stone is sure to take you to your happy place whenever worn.

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black spinel banner

Balance . Revitalising

Reclaim your magic with the Black Spinel. This stone protects, so rest assured you’ll have the time and energy for YOU and all that’s important in your world.

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Sapphire banner

Insight . Divine Favour

The gem of gems, Sapphire is your new good luck charm. Attracting high favour and divine blessing, this stone will always be on your team providing great clarity and insight into one’s life. No wonder it has been highly sought after by many civilisations!

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peridot banner

Abundance . Rejuvenation

Need to start healthy routines and patterns? Peridot is the perfect stone for you. Unique in that it is found both on and beyond Earth, this extraterrestrial beauty is the best healer for bad cycles, adding needed alignment into one’s life. Beam me up, Peridot.

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mother of pearl banner

Harmony . Love

The Mother of Pearl is an attracting force of grace and love. Harmony always follows this stone with it’s soothing and grounding aura; a guiding light you can always carry with you.

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pink opal banner

Love . Mindfulness

Seize the moment with the Pink Opal. Worries of the past and present are released, replaced instead with love and gratitude for you as you are now with the “Angel’s Stone.”

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turquoise banner

Adventurousness . Spontaneity

Lean into the spontaneity of life with the Turquoise stone. Your adventure starts here when wearing this gemstone, giving you the inner strength and courage to chase your dreams and take a walk on the wild side.

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Lapis lazuli banner

Self Expression . Awareness

Raise your voice and be heard with the Lapis Lazuli. A bastion of self expression and awareness of mind and body, there’s a reason the Ancient Egyptians wore this stone.

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red garnet banner

Inspiration . Vitality

Red Garnet’s inspiring and energising spirit lives up to its fiery exterior. Your Chakras align when wearing this stone, inviting inner joy and compassion into one’s life.

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black agate banner

Harmonisation. Clarity

Sick of negative energies clouding your judgement? Black agate has got you covered. A member of the agate family, this stone grounds and purifies. Assisting in balancing and harmonisation, it is infused with positive energy that provides a guiding light of clarity within all situations.

coral banner

Change . Transformation

Take charge of your life and be empowered by change with the Red Coral. This powerful protection stone gives you the clarity to reflect on the past whilst looking to the future and all of the beauty it has in store for you.

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emerald banner

Love . Compassion . Hope . Nature

Connect to the divinity and beauty of nature with the Emerald. This stone encapsulates the spirit of nature, providing you with unconditional love and hope. Something we all need a little bit of, especially now!

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pearl banner

Calm . Wisdom

Wear the pearl and welcome calm and balance into your life. Known for its powerfully soothing energies, this stone will bring you a clarity of mind and wisdom giving you the boost we all sometimes need to be ready to take on life.

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clear quartz

Cleansing . Focusing

Illuminate your path with the Clear Quartz. Concentration and clarity of focus are no-brainers when wearing this cleansing stone of pure white light.

ruby banner

Passion . Vitality

The passionate and fiery ruby is the stone of romance and vitality. Not only an ideal romantic gift, this gem is closely linked to oxygen and the heart; bringing great health and vigour to those who wear it.

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red agate banner

Grounding . Courage

As a protection stone, Red Agate will provide you with the courage you need to stay grounded no matter the situation. Say goodbye to negative energies when wearing this stone and say hello to your new best friends strength and serenity.

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smoky quartz banner

Intuition . Confidence

Your capability and powers always are and always have been boundless. When worn, the Smoky Quartz crystal gives you the the intuition and confidence to realise this.

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blue topaz banner

Clarity . Creativity

Need a guiding force to cheer you onto achieving your goals? Blue Topaz has got you covered. Let clarity and creativity run through you when wearing this stone and let the amazing You do the rest!

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