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gold and red agate

Halo Sunrise Earrings
Model wearing Halo Sunrise earrings Gold and Red Agate
grounding . courage
Enhance your aura with the powerful symbolic synergy in our Halo Sunrise Earrings. This story combines the symbolic sphere, circle the energy of natural Red Agate. Red Agate is a protection stone, shielding the wearer from negative energies while promoting courage and will. The sphere, symbolizes completeness and unity, combining it’s energy with the circle, a symbol of infinity and femininity.
- Original sixD design.
- Natural Red Agate gemstones.
- Handcrafted from high quality 14K Gold filled.
- 14K Gold filled butterflies included.
- Natural calico jewellery pouch and cleaning cloth.
- Environmentally responsible sixD gift box.
Red Agate is a protection stone. This stone shields the wearer from negative energies and helps get rid of fear and anxiety. This gemstone is very calming; it helps balance the Muladhara (root) chakra and allows you to stay grounded during stressful or emotional times.