Charmed Piper necklace gold
Model wearing charmed Piper necklace gold
Charmed Piper Necklace gold top view
Model wearing Pearl earrings, Charmed,angel 5, lotus, impressions seashore necklaces gold and pearl layered
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Chain Length Guide

Chain length guide cm
Feel the powerful soothing effects of our classic Charmed Piper Necklace. Our 14K Gold Filled mirror disks will help untap inner meaning and clarity, a perfect combination with the spiritual and loving powers that the number 9 signifies. Bring good fortune and effortless chic into your life with this one of a kind staple piece
- Original sixD design.
- 14k Gold filled Mirror disk.
- Comes with luxurious 37.5cm adjustable 14K Gold filled Trace chain.
- All chains come with a 5cm Extender chain to allow you to adjust the length, making it easy to layer with other pieces.
- Natural calico jewellery pouch and cleaning cloth.
- Environmentally responsible sixD gift box.
The Mirror - the revealer of the true spirit and illuminator of deep inner beauty.
9 is a significant number within numerology, representing the universe and spirituality. It will open charity and benevolence into your life, allowing you to connect with light and goodness within the world and with those around you.

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