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Model wearing Enchanted Elephant and Ring of Fire Rhodium long chain
Enchanted Elephant and Ring of Fire Pendant -  Rhodium
Enchanted Elephant single Flatlay Silver
Model wearing Enchanted Elephant and Ring of Fire Rhodium short chain b+w
9 card symbology
strength . wisdom . passion . creativity

Chain Length Guide

Chain length guide cm
Unlock serendipity and passion into your world with our Enchanted Elephant and Ring Of Fire pendant in Rhodium. Every piece in our Allegorical Collection is lovingly crafted and infused with the essence of their symbology. This piece is a must have to welcome  strength, wisdom, passion and creativity into your life.

- Handcrafted from solid White Bronze with a highly polished Rhodium bond.
- Comes with your choice of 45 - 55cm adjustable short chain OR 75cm long chain.
- Natural calico jewellery pouch and cleaning cloth.
- Environmentally responsible sixD gift box.
The Elephant, with its majestic aura brings serendipity, strength and wisdom into ones world. These beings are highly intelligent and connected to their surroundings.
The Ring of Fire is one of the Four elementals in Native American tradition. Fire is at the very core of our passions, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation.
Our Allegorical collection draws significance in symbols from ancient traditions and cultures. Manifest these powers into your own life by wearing our Enchanted Elephant symbol. The Enchanted Elephant signifying - STRENGTH, WISDOM and TENACITY combined with the Ring Of Fire - PASSION and CREATIVITY.

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