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Humanitarian . Innovative . Uniting

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Solid Gold
AQUARIUS: Jan 20 - Feb 18 original and independent
  • Made from premium Solid Gold.
Chain Length: 45cm
Charm: 18mm Diameter
  • PLEASE NOTE: All Solid Gold pieces are Custom orders and there is an approximately 4 week wait. But it is worth it!
    • Hypoallergenic, Sensitive Skin Friendly
    • Waterproof, Tarnish Resistant
    • Ethically Sourced Sustainably Produced
    • sixD Gift Box, Sustainable Packaging
    • Handmade in Australia

    Aquarius symbol meanings

    The mad scientist and humanitarian of the horoscope wheel, futuristic Aquarius energy helps us innovate and unite for social justice. Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius is a fountain of knowledge. A philanthropist, pioneer, and visionary, Aquarius seeks new ways to bring about a positive change in the world, always following their heart.

    Will my jewellery tarnish?

    With proper care and love, your jewellery should not tarnish. You can wear them day to day with ease of mind. For Care and Cleaning Instructions, please see our Product Care guide for tips on how to keep your jewellery in great condition.

    I have sensitive skin, can i wear your jewellery?

    Yes, absolutely. Our jewellery is made from the best hypoallergenic materials, that are aluminium, nickel, lead and tin free. Making them perfect for people with highly allergic, reactive sensitive, skin like our Designer and Founder - Daisy.

    Can i wear your jewellery in water?

    Yes, absolutely. You can wear our jewellery in water, shower and to the ocean. However, we don’t recommend wearing your beautiful jewellery in the swimming pools, acid baths, highly chlorinated environments and in places of high acidic concentration, as they are not so kind to the polished finishes of our jewellery and also to our natural pearls. If your pieces come into contact with a lot of sunscreen and salt, we recommend giving them a little warm soapy water bath and dry off with a soft lens cloth to finish.
    All pieces are individually handmade, unique and bears original character.
    All stones and crystals are unique, and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the images shown.
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